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For over 30 years, Ann Marie Lynch has taught kids success in life through sports.

Now your children can benefit from Ann Marie's acclaimed teaching methods that are the foundation for instilling self-confidence in your child at the earliest possible age.

By popular demand, Ann Marie has gone digital - with interactive eBooks that teach young children sports, life and reading skills - anywhere, anytime.

Young readers are entertained while learning skills to help them master physical and emotional milestones.

Kids learn life lessons, etiquette and sportsmanship…one handshake at a time.

Kids build reading skills through interacting with the text by touching, seeing and hearing each word.

Our FREE How-To Guides offer parents and teachers step by step sports instructions with YouTube video clips accompanied by singer-song writer, Sally Taylor.

Everything we do at MySporties revolves around a simple idea: teaching kids self-confidence through the fun and challenge of sports.

Kicker Rides a Bike Cover

Get our animated eBook now

Our richly illustrated eBook, Kicker Rides a Bike, is perfect for young children. Available for preview and tablet download for $5.99 at the iTunes and Google Play Stores.


Our eBooks teach kids success in life through sports THREE ways:

Sports Skills


Using a unique combination of animated illustrations, sound effects, music, and "3 Ways to Read", our MySporties™ eBooks include valuable tips for learning basic skills and reaching important developmental milestones while teaching your child the joy of sports and sportsmanship.

Life Lessons

As parents, teachers and coaches, we know that sports can teach valuable life lessons such as teamwork, responsibility, communication, sportsmanship, sharing, giving praise, sports etiquette and much more. Our animated MySporties™ eBook series is an innovative way to teach your child the benefits of sportsmanship, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle.

Reading Skills


Featuring "3 Ways to Read", our animated eBooks make reading fun and build your child's reading skills by highlighting the words as they are read. When objects and words are touched, the corresponding words are highlighted and read aloud. The core theme of the series is that Practice Makes You a Champion™ - on and off the field.